Parishes of the Ridgeway Benefice

Information about Services in the parishes of Holy Cross, Chiseldon, Ogbourne St George and Ogbourne St Andrew

Ogbourne St. Andrew

Ogbourne St. Andrew is a small village in the Kennet district of Wiltshire. It is near the village of Ogbourne St George and the hamlets of Ogbourne Maizey and Rockley.

ogbourne_st_andrewThe village is lacking in local businesses and facilities due to the fact that it changed from a farming-based community into a commuter-based one.

This led to a decline in the need for local businesses and the village lost its shop and post-office due to lack of demand.

Local primary level children usually attend Primary School in Ogbourne St George or Marlborough.

The village has a small church that is run by the Reverend Roger Powell who is also the vicar of Ogbourne St George and Holy Cross Chiseldon. The church has a ring of five bells with a fifteen hundred-weight tenor tuned to the key of F. In the churchyard there is a Round barrow excavated both in 1880 by Maud Cunnington and in 1999.



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