God Slot

Stories from the Church:

The Christmas story retold

Two Small Angels

Saints Peter and Paul

Story from the Toy Service


Little Stars:

If you are not old enough to go to school, but like to have fun with others of your age group, why not persuade Mummy, Daddy, Grandma or your child-minder to bring you along to Holy Cross Church at 1:30pm. We meet on the first and third Wednesday of each month during term-time.

The grown-up who brings you can have a chat over a cup of tea whilst you sing songs, listen to a story, learn simple prayers and try your hand at the craft activities.

No-one is too young to come to Little Stars. If Mummy would like to know more, she should phone Heather on 01793 740 369 or Tricia on 01793 740 403


Our Church Music:


The Holy Cross organ has had a difficult few years with lead being stolen from the roof more than once leading to extensive water damage. However, for the second time in five years the organ has been restored to full health and we are very pleased to welcome Vicki Boolaky and Christine Honeychurch as our new organists.

Ogbourne St George

Ogbourne St George has what many would consider to be the best Organ in the three parishes and we are very pleased to welcome Christine Honeychurch who plays for many of the services.

Ogbourne St Andrew

Ogbourne St Andrew sadly lost both organ and organist, although there is an electronic organ available. Most services are accompanied by music on CD, although occasionally Christine Honeychurch will play.

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